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Welcome to Snuffle Monsters!

Here is our story about how we started....
Back in 2021 we had two border collies and at the time were doing flyball training with them and every week we got through a ridiculous amount of treats, chicken, sausages etc.
One day on a walk we met this lovely lady who offered our dogs a treat and said its a dehydrated chicken heart, 🤮 was our initial reaction but we started talking more about dehydrator's and what sorts of things you can do in them and suggested a FB group to join for lots of ideas.
At the time we looked into a dehydrator and thought they where quite costly and had lots of conversations about it, looking at the pros and cons. Feb 2021 we brought one and started the journey. We played about with lots of different ingredients and silicone moulds then found the right size for a small training treat. We started making treats and taking them along to the training sessions and a few weeks later we were asked to make some for other members and it started from there.
We also make enrichment products - snuffle balls and snuffle mats which lead us to make our Snuffle Dust. This makes the game of hide and seek last so much longer, it's more rewarding for the dog and it means they are not eating excessive amounts of dog treats. We are always looking for new ideas to add to our stall, like sublimated poo clips, treat jars, plastic free poo bags. We can also personalise many items and are always adding new items to our collection.
Thank you for reading this and if you made it to the end, thank you for being part of our journey!


Discover the Dynamic Duo Leading Our Company: Caroline and Chris

Meet Jinx!

Jinx is one of our CED's "Chief Executive Dog". He has the nose to sniff out a treat from miles away

Jinx's Favourite Treat

Meet Bolt!

Bolt is our second CED and is ball crazy!

Bolt's Favourite Snuffle Ball

Our final CED! Kallie joined the team in 2023 as a failed foster. She absolutely loves a snuffle mat

Kallie's Favourite Snuffle Mat

Best Business 2023

Did you know we won Best Business 2023 in the Dog Treats / Accessories Category!

We are so proud to have won this award, it truly means a lot to us and shows all the hard work does pay off!

Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for us.

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