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Are these body puff's?

No - they are Snuffle Balls. However they can be whatever you want them to be.

Snuffle Ball

Do you really make this yourselves?

We make all the Snuffle Balls, Snuffle Mats, Tugs and all the treats ourselves.

We print the Poo Clips and cut the designs for the treat jars.

Who does all your branding? Uniform and gazebo.

We do! We have a small facebook group call crafts by snuffle monsters, where we can personalise and print almost anything on anything.

Do you buy the treats in bulk and just bag them up?

No! We make all our own treats. We have come up with all the recipes and put the combination of ingredients together. All our ingredients are human grade quality. The treats take a long time to bake and dehydrate them. We dehydrate our treats which make them last longer then most home baked treats. We print all the packaging ourselves and bag up the treats.

We log all batch numbers and expiry dates and had our first inspection from Brighton and Hove Trading Standards in January 2023 - which went really well.

What material are the Snuffle Mats, Snuffle Balls and Tugs made from?

The fabric we use is Polar Fleece.

Polar fleece is made from polyester and recycled plastic. In the beginning we tried lost of different fabrics, old clothes, jumpers, blankets and felt.

Nothing Compare to polar fleece. It makes the Snuffle Mats nice and dense and keeps the perfect shape for the Snuffle Balls. We don't like to waste any, so we use the offcuts to make plaited tugs.

Polar fleece is also very safe for animals and washable.

Are you a franchise?

We wish! We set up Snuffle Monsters in 2021, husband and wife due - Chris and Caroline. Its just the two of us, oh and of course our three CED; Jinx, Bolt and Kallie!

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