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Snuffle Monsters

Snuffle Ball

Snuffle Ball

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A Snuffle Ball is a great game of hide and seek for your dog, only sooo much better! Similar to a Snuffle Matt, all you need to do is hide treats and sprinkle on our Snuffle Dust and your dog is ready to use their nose to Snuffle away - getting the treats as a reward. 

Sniffing out treats and searching for Snuffle Dust is a low-impact game, dogs of all ages can join in the fun.
Older dogs who might be loosing their eyesight or slowing down a bit will still have a keen sense of smell. Those younger pups will enjoy exploring the world with their nose and using a Snuffle Ball will help them to fine tune those sniffing skills!

There are lots of benefits to sniffing:
*Mental stimulation
*Reduce stress and Anxiety
*Reduce boredom
*Calming the dog
*Improve mood
*20 minutes of sniffing is the equivalent of 60 minutes walk

There are three sizes available;

Small (4" approx)

Medium (6" approx)

Large  (8" approx)

*Although this product is strong it is not indestructible. Always pick the right size product for your pet's size and behaviour, we suggest sizing up. This product is not a tug or hard play TOY. Please SUPERVISE your pet at all times and discourage any tugging or ripping.
Caution contains plastic and if broken may cause a choking hazard.


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