Chris and Caroline showing their certificates after completing the Dog First Aid Course

Dog First Aid Month

April is not only National Pet Month, it is also Dog First Aid Month.

Would you know what to do if your dog was in an accident? A bee sting, a snake bite or delivering CPR?

 As a dog owner, the safety and well-being of your furry friend are of the utmost importance. One way to ensure you are prepared for any unexpected emergencies is by learning dog first aid. Here are three top reasons why you should consider taking a dog first aid course:

1. Immediate Response in Emergencies

Accidents can happen at any time, and being equipped with the knowledge of dog first aid can make a significant difference in the outcome of an emergency. By learning how to assess and respond to common injuries or illnesses, you can provide immediate care to your dog before professional help arrives. This quick action can potentially save your dog's life in critical situations.

2. Building Confidence as a Pet Owner

Learning dog first aid not only benefits your dog but also empowers you as a pet owner. Having the skills to handle emergencies can boost your confidence in caring for your dog and give you peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for any situation. This sense of preparedness can help you remain calm and focused during stressful times, allowing you to provide the best care for your beloved pet.

3. Strengthening the Bond with Your Dog

Investing time in learning dog first aid can strengthen the bond between you and your dog. By understanding how to care for your dog in times of need, you demonstrate your commitment to their well-being and safety. This shared knowledge can deepen the connection you have with your pet and enhance the trust they have in you as their caregiver. Ultimately, learning dog first aid can help you build a stronger and more resilient relationship with your furry companion.

At one of our first ever events, we met Kathy and learnt so much about dog first aid during that day it was amazing. Being dog owners and running a dog business we wanted to learn more about Dog First Aid, so we booked ourselves onto a course.

It was a great afternoon coving lots of different topics, scenarios and practical demonstrations. Learning dog first aid is a valuable skill that can benefit both you and your dog. By being prepared to respond to emergencies, building confidence as a pet owner, and strengthening the bond with your dog, you can ensure the best possible care for your furry friend.

Chris and Caroline holding their dog first aid certificates


Consider enrolling in a dog first aid course today to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to keep your dog safe and healthy. 


Dog First Aid Sussex

I’m Kathy and I’ve been the proud owner of Dog First Aid Sussex since 2019.

Our rescue dog Freddie (who’s a little bit accident-prone) prompted me to attend a dog first aid training course and I haven’t looked back since! I enjoyed it so much and felt so passionately that every dog owner and carer should have those skills that I took over Dog First Aid Sussex and committed to the extensive training and learning required to become a trainer.

I have now trained hundreds of dog owners and professionals including police dog handlers, search and rescue dog handlers and students at the University of Sussex and Plumpton College.

Max and Maria have also now joined the Dog First Aid Sussex team and we train every weekend across all of Sussex, and expanding into parts of Kent and Surrey. We are passionate about dog welfare and empowering people with first aid knowledge and skills, making it our mission to train as many people as we can! Our courses are 4 hours, CPD accredited and certificated, relaxed and fun, suitable for all, and consistently receive top reviews.

I love every minute of my job and meeting lots of wonderful dog parents and professionals. What I love most about my job is when I hear back from someone who’s been on my training and who’ve been able to help their dog in an emergency. These are always very proud and emotional moments.

To read more about Dog First Aid Month visit Dog First Aid Month? What’s that? | Dog First Aid (
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