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Snuffle Monsters

Roolo - Treat Dispenser

Roolo - Treat Dispenser

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Ultimate enrichment toy for your pooches play-time with our scientifically designed, treat-dispensing dog toy, perfect for all breeds and sizes!

Crafted from durable, dog-friendly rubber, the Roolo encourages slow feeding, aids digestion, and prevents boredom. Give your dog the ultimate enrichment experience with the Roolo,

Unique, self-propelling design, challenging your dog's mind and body. Just 15 minutes of play equals roughly an hour of walkies, perfect for bad dog weather or busy days.

No Matter what size your dog or how rough they like to play - this is the pawfect treat dispenser for them!

Fill it with our Snuffle Monster Training Dots and Bones to make it even more challenging and sit back, relax and watch your dog have the time of their life! 




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