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Poo Clip

Poo Clip

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Poo Clip is the perfect dog walking accessory!

Do you find that your dog always goes to a number 2 when you are ages away form the poo bin and you end up carrying the bag, swinging it as you walk along searching for the next bin.

That’s where the poo clip comes in, attach the poo clip to your dog lead with the cabana clip. Once your dog has done a number two, bag it, tie a know in the bag and slip the bag through the hole in the clip and then carry it until you get to the nearest bin – no more having to carry the poo bags!

Acrylic dog poop bag carrier.
Clip onto your dog lead, pick up the poop in a bag – tie the bag and slip it through the hole in the clip until you get to a bin.

Bag it, Clip it, Bin it

If you see us at any events we will have a variety of designs and can also personalise the poo clip and print any design or pattern. Email to discuss personalised options.

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