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Snuffle Monsters

Snuffle Multi Mat

Snuffle Multi Mat

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Which is better, a snuffle mat or a snuffle ball?

If you can't decide, why not have both! A Snuffle Multi Mat is the love child of a snuffle ball and a snuffle mat. It takes enrichment to the next level!

The Snuffle Multi Mat has the benefits of a snuffle mat combined with the additional hiding places of a snuffle ball. A great game of hide and seek for your dog, only sooo much better!

The Snuffle Multi Mat is 25cm x 36cm and has half a medium and half a small snuffle ball securely attached. Pick the colour of the snuffle mat and the snuffle ball – you can mix and match of keep it all looking the same.


All you need to do is hide treats and sprinkle on our Snuffle Dust and your pet is ready to use their nose to Snuffle away - getting the treats as a reward.

Sniffing out treats and searching for Snuffle Dust is a low-impact game, dogs of all ages can join in the fun. Older dogs who might be loosing their eyesight or slowing down a bit will still have a keen sense of smell. Those younger pups will enjoy exploring the world with their nose and using a Snuffle Multi Mat will help them to fine tune those sniffing skills!

There are lots of benefits to sniffing:
*Mental stimulation
*Reduce stress and Anxiety
*Reduce boredom
*Calming the dog
*Improve mood
*20 minutes of sniffing is the equivalent of 60 minutes walk

If your dog tries to cheat and flip their snuffle mat over, the Snuffle Multi Mat is heavier, which makes it harder to flip.*Although this product is strong it is not indestructible. Always pick the right size product for your pet's size and behaviour, we suggest sizing up. This product is not a tug or hard play TOY. Please SUPERVISE your pet at all times and discourage any tugging or ripping.

Caution contains plastic and if broken may cause a choking hazard.


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